We like to think of it as a week of meeting over 1000 of the coolest women on campus!

A Note from Our VP of Recruitment

To all the young women who are reading this, first off, welcome to the University of Nebraska – Lincoln! The next four years of your life are going to be filled with new friendships, experiences, and self-exploration. Recruitment is the first of many new experiences you will commence in your college career. The Alpha Phi women and I are so excited to meet each and every one of you this August. 

Throughout sorority recruitment, you will create life- long friendships with women who value sisterhood, loyalty, leadership, service, involvement and so much more. Three years ago, when I was going through recruitment, I didn’t realize what I would find as I walked through the doors of Alpha Phi. The women in this chapter are the most supportive, genuine and loving people that over the past three years have truly shaped me into the women I am today. These are the women who make me laugh so hard for hours every time we are together. These women are the ones I turn to after a long week of exams or when I need a friend to confide in when I’m unsure about what my future might hold. And finally, these are the women that I know will be there with me at graduation and on my wedding day. 

For many of you, I know recruitment can be overwhelming and filled with uncertainty. To help ease those worries, I would like to give you one essential piece of advice when going through this crazy process of Recruitment: take it all in, look around at every chapter you visit and the women you meet, pay attention to how they interact with one another, for these could be your future life- long sisters. Look at the genuine relationships that prevail and try to picture yourself in that setting. I would truly give anything to be in your shoes and have the opportunity to have more time as a young woman starting her college journey. 

Throughout college and your recruitment week take the time to be selfish. This is your college career, your recruitment, and your life. Take charge and do what makes you feel confident, motivated and happy. Pledging Alpha Phi has allowed me to be more confident in myself, motivated in my school work and brought me happiness is an array of ways and I hope that all of you will find the same feelings in a chapter. I could not be more excited to welcome you all into our beautiful home in August, see you soon! 


Hannah Campin

Frequently Asked Questions

What defines a legacy? 

At Alpha Phi, legacies are considered women whose sister(s), mother, or grandmother are/were a member of any chapter of Alpha Phi. 

How can I submit a letter of recommendation? 

Download and fill out this form and submit it to our recruitment team! Please email the completed form to

or mail it to:

Hannah Campin

1531 S Street

Lincoln, NE 68508

All other recruitment inquiries may be sent to this email: