Welcome to Our Home

We hope you love it as much as we do! 

Meet our House Mom, Ellen

Ellen Jackson started as House Director in August of 2017. She was an Alpha Phi at UNL, a collegiate swimmer from Omaha, and lived in the sorority house for three years. Ellen has three grown children, likes participating in swimming, bicycling and jogging. She also enjoys teaching and participating in Yoga, Pilates, Spinning classes and Interval/Bootcamp classes in her free time. She enjoys Art, music, environmental projects, and traveling. 

We can not thank Ellen enough for all she has done. Officially, her title is "House Director" but that doesn't seem appropriate with how much she cares for each and everyone of us. Ellen is totally deserving of the title "house mom." She keeps extra blankets for us when we fall asleep in the living room. Somehow, she manages to keep track of all 190 of us, and never fails to leave us feeling as if we are so special. Not to mention, she's the reason we have heat in the winter, or that our beautiful home hasn't burnt down, yet. When we count our blessings, we count Ellen twice.